Welcome to the Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club or ICARC home on the web. This site is dedicated to the service and tradition of ham radio. ICARC strives to serve our community in times of Severe Weather and in Situations where normal communication fail. We are glad you are here. Thanks for visiting.

 Are you interested in Public service, Amateur Radio, Weather spotting? Then you have come to the right place. Feel Free to reach out to us via our contact page or come to our monthly meetings. We are actively seeking new members.

Monday night net. Every Monday

VHF 7:00 PM 147.030 + PL 103.5

UHF Following VHF 444.625 + PL 103.5


NOW MEETING THE 4th Thursday of the Month

                     June 25th 2020 back in person

          6:30 P.M. Iroquois County Teen Center 

114 North 3rd Street Across from Watseka Elks

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